Engaging with the millennial generation – Interview at Sibos

Digital natives are not a small subsection of the population; they are an entire generation that is shaped by very different needs. The digital world moves faster and has more opportunities; as a reaction to this, the lifestyle of digital natives is fragmented. In this new context, we have to rethink the relationship between customers and banks.

Growing up during the financial crisis and a sluggish economic recovery has made Millennials distrustful of incumbent financial brands and institutions. Coupled with a preference for using technology in every aspect of life, this aversion to traditional financial services makes this Generation the single largest current market opportunity for startups and innovative corporates looking to build FinTech businesses. Millennials are looking for a different kind of trust with the financial system.

During a workshop conducted at the Sibos 2015 conference, Claro Partners and Anthemis Group shared the key insights of research done with a consortium of financial institutions in six markets.

Aldo de Jong was interviewed about Always in Beta at SIBOS in Singapore last month. Watch the video here:

Claro Partners, Aldo de Jong from Ali Paterson on Vimeo.

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